African Dreams

  • African Dreams

    African Dreams

    Last night as I laid down to go to sleep I was instantly transported to Kenya in Africa. I was at a large gathering with all of my friends (and yes, you know who you are because you were there, many many many of the most awake and powerful women on the planet). We arrived in several vans and after the van I was in arrived I went around and opened the large sliding door to let my brother out, who as many of you know, is a very very large male lion. The gathering of people was instantly on edge and alert as it’s not often one has a…

  • African Dreams

    Being in the Flow

    A dream that I had while in Nairobi in January as I laid down I was immediately in the flow. I saw the universe as a giant river that is flowing to an even larger ocean and everything, and I truly mean everything, was in it. And all was just flowing to the great ocean. I could see and feel many things, yet was powerless to “do” anything. I saw many friends, family members, so many animals. Sometimes someone would call out to me for assistance, yet I was unable to go to them. I was unable to really move except just to go just with the flow. Many were…

  • Light Lightning

    Struck by Lightning

    The last dream I had before leaving for Kenya to participate in the yearly prayer vigil that circumambulates around Mount Kenya, was I had arrived late to the vigil and was walking up behind everyone that had gathered and as I approached them they parted allowing me to walk through the center of the crowd and when I was finally up in the front I rose thirty or so feet into the air and was continuously struck by Light Lightning. As the Light flowed through my body it eventually left through my hands and feet and arced into the heads of everyone gathered and flowed through their bodies and into…

  • Mount Kenyan Diamonds

    Mount Kenyan Diamonds

    In another dream where I was walking around Mount Kenya and stopping to do prayers and when I finished with a prayer of awakening for all of humanity the ground again erupted with an earthquake and the earth split open and lava began pouring out from the mountain. It was not like normal lava, colored differently, although still very orange/red and it was cool to the touch so you could easily put your hand into it and hold the lava. What was extraordinary was the lava flow was filled with diamonds the size of a baseball or your hand. There were so many of them I put a dozen of…

  • Circumambulating Around Mount Kenya

    Circumabulating Around Mount Kenya

    After knowing that I was being called to Kenya to attend the yearly prayer vigil that circumambulates around the mountain I began to have dreams of doing so. In the first dream I was walking around the mountain and stopped to do one of the seven prayers and as I prayed the mountain rumbled with an earthquake and all around me it split open and an inconceivably bright light burst forth from multiple locations, almost like lightning, yet contrary to the image here, there was no lava, just the mountain opening up revealing the light within it.

  • You are all Kings and Queens

    You Are All Kings & Queens

    Before going to Kenya I had a dream that I was again at my friend Vincent Kituku’s school, Caring Hearts High School, outside of Nairobi and was being introduced to and greeting all of the children there. As I was introduced and spoke with them, we shook hands and spoke for a minute or so and one of the girls who was maybe 7 years old bowed instead of shaking my hand and said “My king, you have returned”. This led to all of us sitting in a circle and each one of the children speaking about what a king or a queen meant to each of them, what it…

  • Accepted by Africa

    Africa Accepts Me

    Continuing with dreams of being called to Africa, Some dreams that I have are for me, and some are for the collective and this one was for me. I dreamed that I was walking through a very lush forest that I now know is on the Southeast side of Mount Kenya. I was walking with my friend whom I spoke of yesterday, a mature male lion and we were just enjoying being in the forest feeling the vibrancy of the rhythm of the flow of life. Eventually, we came to a very large clearing and walked into it just a little way and my friend sat down and roared, so…

  • I’m Called to go to Africa

    The day after being asked to come to Africa in dreams Theresa Luttenegger called me and asked me if I was being called to go and of course, I laughed and told her of the dream and she then told me that both she and Beth W. Kuria had also been called. I said I was all in yet at the time did not have the funds for the plane ticket and the next day another friend, David Hall called and had gotten the message that I needed to be there and he and his wife Diane purchased a plane ticket for me. That night in dreams I was riding…

  • Three Elder African Kings

    The Three Elder Kings

    For most of 2018, Africa was omnipresent in my consciousness. Reading, studying, researching, dreams, visions, etc. The first dream that I had about going to Africa I was in Kenya with my dear friend Vincent Kituku, who is from Kenya now living in the US and we were at his school for orphan girls outside of Nairobi and were sitting and enjoying the sunset when three Elder African Kings appeared and I immediately burst into tears because I recognized them, and hugged them. One of them stiffened when I hugged him and said “We’re Kings, we don’t hug”, and of course I laughed and said I was a king also…

  • Returning from Africa

    Returning from Africa

    As all of you know I was called to go to Mount Kenya in Africa last December. You also most likely know that I have not spoken of this publicly since I returned. Privately I have shared that I went to Kenya and I did return, yet David did not come back with me. Since returning I have mostly been quietly, sitting in integration of what happened as it was completely transformative, and that integration continues and will continue now for several more months. Because of the intense level of alignment and integration that is underway, I will continue to be mostly quiet about this, as it’s not time to…