• Where are You Wounded

    Where are you Wounded or Stuck?

    Our woundings are often the place that we absolutely don’t want to go into, to look at because we are afraid or even terrified of feeling what is buried there. Yet they are also where we are the most stuck and not able to walk past or around. No one wants to look there, no one, it’s too painful. Yet it truly is the only choice if we wish to grow. And it turns out the fear is just a ghost, for when looked at it disappears. Sometimes this is a pattern of fear built up over many life times of layering fear over fear in order not to feel.…

  • The Egg Cracks

    The Egg Cracks

    For many many years we as a people have prayed, breathed, meditated and done practices we believe will assist us or help us wake up to ourselves. We’ve done endless repetitions of mantras, sat still, walked in nature, done breathing practices, read all the right books, studied with all the right teachers, One day the egg cracks, just a little, and we react with What was That? and slam it shut again. It takes a while of looking into the depths of the omniverse to begin to know that what we’re looking for is not “out there” it’s inside us and it is us. Living in this moment we’re all…

  • Fear

    Your Shadow is Where the Light Is

    There is an old Persian story attributed to Nasreddin that a man had lost his keys and was searching for them under a street light and a policeman on his rounds approached him and asked what he was doing. The man replied looking for his keys. The policeman then asked if he lost his keys here and the man replied no, yet this is where the light is. When I was a child in grade school I lived in a section of town where the trees were very old and on both sides of the street so their canopies grew into each other shading, all the streets except at intersections…

  • Eden Template


    What if in this now moment you were free from all the imprinting you’ve stored in your cells through all of your trillions and trillions of incarnations? What would it be like to be free from fear, to not believe in fear, to not feel fear, lack, anxiety or angst, etc. Can you imagine being completely free from all of your limitations, limiting beliefs, all of the energetic residue, ghost imprints, of every trauma you’re ever experienced? Can you imagine this? Can you FEEL this freedom? Can you feel this in your body? Can you imagine the feeling of this in your body? This is the freedom that the Eden…

  • The Eden Template

    The Great Awakening

    We are fully in the Great Awakening where so many Souls are beginning to waken from their deep sleep and see through the illusions that have covered their eyes. In December of 2018 I was called to Mount Kenya to what is commonly known as Mount Zion and walked into my destiny. It transformed my life completely and The Eden Template awakened in me, and it is the work I’m here to be in service to the world. The Eden Template, when fully activated, is the light template undistorted by the patterning of fear and lack. It is the Creator Template. When fully awakened, the Eden Template opens your direct…

  • Divine Mother

    Divine Mother

    Last night in dreams I was charged with restoring a world treasure art piece depicting Divine Mother. It was comprised of multiple types of materials and was dimensional, not a flat painting. It was so incredible that no one could own it as it belonged to the world and was shared around the world so anyone who wished to could view it. It was multi- dimensional and done in multiple shadings of white. The difficulty with it was that the original gesso that prepared the canvas was done incorrectly and was thin in some places and you could see some of the weave of the canvas through it. One of…

  • Stripped Bare

    We’re Being Stripped Bare to the Core

    Last night in dreams I was working on restoring a 70 year old car. It must have been symbolic from my teenage years. In the dream this car was found and it was cosmetically almost perfect, yet I was doing a total ground up restoration so everything was taken apart. All of the exterior trim was removed, all the interior, motor, transmission, drive line, rear axel, brakes, wheel, etc. Everything down to just a huge stack of parts. The body was then dipped in a solvent to loosen and remove all of the old layers of paint stripping it down to just the base essence of the metal, which was…

  • Wounded Healer

    Your Wound is Your Biggest Gift!

    Most people will do anything to avoid suffering, including feeling anything that makes them uncomfortable. Yet if you’ve ever experienced any traumatic event (in this life or another) the emotional energy of the trauma is still there broadcasting its distorted energy unconsciously. Being willing to delve into and feel those energies is the secret to their release and more. Your wound is the door to releasing any and all past trauma through feeling them to their depths until there is nothing more left to feel and they are released. When you’ve healed a wound the energy of that healing is broadcast by your as a part of your frequency and…

  • We are Our Ancestors

    You are Your Ancestors

    You are Your Ancestors! You are Your Guides & High Selves! We are our ancestors (past) and we are our high selves / guides (future) that we just haven’t integrated yet. As we come into this Now moment and live in the present they begin to merge in us and full awareness begins to blossom and we become whole and remember we have always been whole.

  • Are You Afraid

    Bring Fearless

    “There’s nothing to fear, except fear itself”Franklin D. Roosevelt With fear being broadcast from every quarter these days, that’s all that it is, the broadcasting of fear. If you are still experiencing fear or have unresolved trauma in your field, know that it can be healed. Personally, I carried so much trauma in myself you might feel it’s a miracle I’m still here. The rape of my mother and sister by their fathers, near death beatings by my father, sexually abused by my uncle, mental and emotional abuse that was seemingly endless. Yet as you awaken, new abilities emerge to assist you in clearing these energies from your field, not…

  • Being One with Nature

    Being One with Nature

    Temple builders in Japan don’t go to the forest to find timbers for the temple. They go to the forest to locate the temple and, when found, ceremonies are performed amidst the trees. Then, the builders relocate the temple from the forest to the people.