• The Eden Template

    The Eden Template

    What would it be like to life your life in such a way that you’re free from fear, worry, anxiety, mental and emotional pain? Are you centered in your heart? Do you flow with whatever presents? Are you in your center no matter the external circumstances going on around you and in the world? If you want to deepen or open your connection to Source, to God, your joy and bliss for just Being, I’ll be offering the Eden Template Activation again on June 6th at 1:00pm pacific. The Eden Template activates your direct connection to Source, balances your energy field, activates your Light Body, opens you deeper and deeper…

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling is Here

    Finally scheduling is now a part of booking a personal session with me. Now when you make your energy exchange you’ll have the ability to schedule your own appointment date and time. My response to this is YEA, this makes scheduling so much easier, and you’ll receive an email reminder of your session. I’m very excited about this and I’m looking forward to working with you. To book a session please go towww.theedentemplate.com/sessions.html

  • Activation and Dreams

    Activation and Dreams

    Yesterday I did a make up for the last Eden Template Activation because of the poor sound quality from the previous one. I went deeper during the activation than I ever have before and as soon as it was “complete” a massive download began, like I haven’t experienced in years, I quickly got to the floor or I was going to fall down as the vertigo was so intense and thought I would going to throw up on a nice carpet from the nausea. A few hours later I was at least “functional” again, could walk without being dizzy, yet the energy continued it’s integration cleansing through the night and…

  • Freedom From Fear, Freedom From the Known.

    Freedom From Fear, Freedom From the Known.

    “Fear is the doorway to expansion. lt means you’ve hit the limit of what your mind knows. If you’re experiencing anxiety, it’s fear. If you’re experiencing confusion, it’s fear. If you’re experiencing, doubt, it’s fear. As quantum entrepreneurs we thrive in the Unknown; it’s the field of all magical possibilities. EVERYTHING we want exists there! That field IS us. Our words, thoughts, mind and heart are all aligned on the experiences we’re choosing, not attached to any particular outcome. We know that life loves us, because it IS us. The ‘work’ that occurs through us as healers, writers, artists, coaches, singers, dancers, is the reason we’re here now. It’s time…

  • Freedom from the Known

    Freedom from the Known

    What would it be like to live your life without all of your old stories, beliefs, thoughts, past actions, heart aches, trauma, failure, embarrassment, guilt, blame, things you’ve done, things done to you, etc etc etc? The list is just endless isn’t it. And we have all carried it around with us all the time and we even name it, emotional baggage, most running us sub-consciously below the surface and we’re not able to feel it. Can you imagine the freedom that would come if you could just be free of it, realizing the magnificence of who you have always been, just hidden behind all of the garbage that was…