• Jump


    Jump, you’re going to go over the edge anyway. No matter where you are on your path, you will always come to an edge that you will grow past. It’s inherent in the journey that we come to our edges. I urge you to not hesitate to go past them. You can hesitate or even dig your heels in all you wish, it is your choice, yet eventually, you will grow past that edge. It can be done with ease and grace through surrendering into the moment or being drug kicking and screaming (which seems to be how some of us have set our remembering up – myself included for…

  • Remembering We're Dreaming

    Remember We’re Dreaming

    Last year I had a dream that is very relevant at this moment. In this dream, I was in Brahma the creator’s temple, and was being shown through the temple complex. Each room that I went into was larger and more beautiful than the room before and every room had four doors that led from it into another room. Each room had its own servants willing to provide anything you wished and were always available. After touring the temple I had an audience with Brahma who offered me the entire temple, letting me know it had been created just for me and that my every desire would be fulfilled and…

  • Sessions


    In my private one-on-one practice, many are now ready and I AM experiencing huge shifts in consciousness in working with others. The recent split has just amped things up quantumly. People are calling or coming to visit with a “reason that they wanted to converse” and in the middle the conversation they spontaneously shift into whatever is ready to come up to release or they make huge shifts in consciousness, walking through internal barriers or walls that they have not been able to walk through before. More and more people are remembering or beginning to remember who they truly are, and it is so wonderful to be able to witness…

  • We are Always One

    We are Always One

    No matter who we “think” we are, in truth, we’re all One, we are fractals of One Consciousness. Yes, we may appear to be different and like a snowflake we are unique, and yet just like light passing through a prism appears to contain many colors, the light is always One. With all of the incredible diversity of our origins, race, gender, culture, we are all fractals of One as there is no other. No matter how much we attempt to introduce separation into our consciousness, it never works. One cannot be separated. We can spend our lives insisting on separation as the truth we believe, yet ultimately it will…

  • Peace


    As we sink deeper and deeper into our hearts,peace opens us up wider and widerinto gentleness and humility Whispers of our old lives may appear,yet they fade quicker and quicker like smoke in the windas the illusion of our former selves fade. May the garden of your heart eternally bloomladen with exotic fragrances of your creations.

  • Masterclass 3: Freedom from the Known / Trusting the Unknown.

    Masterclass 3: Freedom from the Known / Trusting the Unknown.

    When you live in the unknown of not knowing, sometimes even who you are, everything presents as energy, as vibration. Even your “physical” body is not physical. It is and it isn’t. Your physical body emerges from the quantum field of your consciousness and it is right at the edge of where energy and matter co-exist as one, sometimes being matter and sometimes energy. There is no difference between your aura or energy field and your physical body, your body is merely a slightly denser extension of your field, yet they are completely cohesively connected and intertwined. In other words, your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness and…

  • Masterclass 3: Freedom From the Known

    Masterclass 3: Freedom From the Known

    Our consciousness is beyond vast, and the way that it manifests in us as a body is through our neural net, the synaptic net inside of our brains, and the nervous system which is merely a projection of our greater neural net. The entirety of our synaptic net is a mirror image of how the multiverse and all of creation is, it is literally as above so below, as within so without. There is no difference between your nervous system neural net and a galaxy, a dimension or a universe, only one of scale. So the next time you have feelings or thoughts of limitation remember you are the same…

  • Time is an Illusion

    Time is an Illusion

    Not only is time an illusion, but it is also merely a belief. The only reason that the past exists is that you believe it to be so. The past cannot exist without your belief in it, and it holds you to it so you cannot experience what is truly possible, it limits what you think, feel, know is possible through your belief. What we “experience as time exists is a spiral circle of eternal “Now” moments. We are only able to manifest what we know to be possible and If through your experience, you believe that miracles can’t happen, they can’t because you know this to be true. If…

  • Inner Child

    Inner Child

    Today I needed to access some files through Google Drive and got tired of needing someone to give me access every single time I went into the files so I created a new account with Google. Not knowing what I was doing Google asked for my birthday and I decided not to give it to them and instead used a significant date from 2012. Google immediately decided I was a child and I needed parental permission to access my account. So I had to give myself permission for my inner child to access myself. So perfect.

  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

    In the orient and Africa, monkeys are often caught by cutting a hole in a gourd just big enough for a monkey to put its hand in, and then hollowing it out, putting some food into it and attaching it to something. A monkey will put its hand in to get the treat, yet can’t pull it out while holding the food, and will refuse to let go of the food and run away, and instead will allow itself to be captured. How many of us have allowed ourselves to be caught by something that we are unwilling to see and let go of when simply letting go allows us…

  • Freedom from the Known

    Freedom from the Known

    As many celebrate freedom, it needs to be asked, what is it to be truly free? When you live inside of a dream of _____________, whether it be cultural, religious, racial, gender, privilege, and even more insidious, your own thoughts and beliefs can you really call your self free. When you awaken from the grand dream of the illusion of who you believe or think yourself to be, the you that you always thought of you dissolve like so many grains of sand on a beach, stripping you completely bare and raw, leaving only the essence of the you that you have always been, just forgot for a while on…