Mothers Love

Mother’s Love

When a mother lifts a crying baby to her heart, the baby calms down by feeling her heartbeat. These sounds are so familiar to the baby because it has known them since the moment it was conceived. These tones of the mother’s heart communicate with the child’s heart, helping the child feel the endless unconditional love that flows between mother and child.

Just as no child ever forgets the tones of his mother’s heart, none of us forgets the heart tones of our original mother of all of us, the Holy Mother, because all our souls are born in these sounds, in these tones of love. The songs of the mother’s heart, we can also call the original tone of our heart or the Sophianin sounds. When we experience them, we feel deep peace and love. Each heart’s original tone is unique, as we all are. The combination of these sounds, colors, and light, which the Holy Mother’s heart continues to radiate, has given life to all creation. It is the breath of the Holy Spirit that flows through us all as unconditional love.The original tones of our true heart, our Cosmic Heart, are the eternal heart connection between the Holy Mother and Her children. When our heart is fully united with the heart of the Holy Mother, it becomes the heart of all creation, the Sophianic heart. In this way, we are able to radiate these original frequencies directly from the heart of the Holy Mother.

These Sophianic sounds, which are soundless sounds, that our center of expression of the Divine Will (our throat center that is united with the higher heart) can transform to a frequency that is audible to the human ear and receivable in the human body.

Every open heart recognizes these sounds because it is the call of the Holy Mother to her children. The seed sounds that activate our higher heart are the songs of the Sophianic daughters, which they sing in unison with the Diamond Heart of the Holy Mother to help other hearts to open, remember, and unite with their own true hearts. These are songs of love sung by our Holy Mother to her children. This is a call home for all of us, back to our hearts.

When we begin to remember the original tone of our heart, we start to speak the language of the heart, to sing the song of our soul, through our voices and our true heart, our whole being. It allows us to begin to experience the Divine unconditional love that flows from the heart of Divine Mother without limit through all creation.

We begin to experience ourselves as creation and unconditional love that flows through all creation, as us. Unconditional love is always the connection between us all, and also between us and our Cosmic Parents, between us and Source.

Mother Earth and nature are icons of unconditional love. When I hug a tree or just lie on the ground, my mind quiets, and I experience infinite tenderness and love that flows directly from the heart of Mother Earth, from my heart to and from the heart of all creation. In that moment, time and space disappear, I don’t think that I’m hugging a tree, or that I’m sending love to Mother Earth, but in that moment, I AM love.

I AM the love that flows through all creation. It is an endless cycle of giving and receiving that runs through all hearts when they are open. I experience that my mind is free and so is my heart. My heart is filled with such tenderness and love that my heart has become light as a feather. I no longer feel my heart as my heart is so expanded, that it is everywhere. My heart is the heart of all creation and experiences all hearts simultaneously.

 It is impossible not to love or not to consider someone worthy of love when we experience oneness with all creation when our heart is united with all hearts.

Tenderness is our superpower, the more tender our hearts become, the more expanded and lighter they become until they are united with the heart of all creation. Tenderness does not make us weak or vulnerable, only the fear of vulnerability does.

Tenderness is a force that opens the deepest layers of our hearts. The more tender our hearts become, the more we experience and feel, and the more we are open to the Divine unconditional love. The more tender our hearts, the less we resist the greatest force in this Universe, which is unconditional love.

The heart of the Holy Mother is endlessly soft, tender, and filled with Holy love for all beings as her children. When we feel this tenderness, then the resistance in our heart, the walls in front of our heart will automatically break down and our heart will open. The kinder our hearts are, the more we can hold space for love in our hearts for others. In this way we meet every being with infinite love and compassion, knowing their true heart. In this way, we do not pay attention to the words, actions, or roles others play, but to the truth that each of us carries in our hearts – we are all love, and we are all Source.