Returning from Africa
African Dreams

Returning from Africa

As all of you know I was called to go to Mount Kenya in Africa last December. You also most likely know that I have not spoken of this publicly since I returned. Privately I have shared that I went to Kenya and I did return, yet David did not come back with me.

Since returning I have mostly been quietly, sitting in integration of what happened as it was completely transformative, and that integration continues and will continue now for several more months.

Because of the intense level of alignment and integration that is underway, I will continue to be mostly quiet about this, as it’s not time to share publicly the entirety of what happened while I was there.

Many of you know that I am a Dreamer or Dream Walker and that I dream multi-dimensionally, in great detail, and with sensory input. In dreams, I perceive into depths that are not normally available during waking and since Mt. Kenya, I am able to Dream whether I am “asleep” or “awake” as now there isn’t any perceivable difference. I dream for myself, others, and for all.

Since it will be a while yet before I go public with the the transformation since Mt. Kenya, I’m being guided to share the dreams that presented before, during and after returning from Africa, including the dreams that called me to go, preparation – clearing dreams that were necessary before going, precognitive dreams that then came to be and dreams that have come since returning.

I trust they will resonate with you and stimulate or trigger a larger memory within your consciousness and you will find it useful in your own awakening.

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