• Beacon of Light

    Be a Beacon of Light

    In a world filled with a seemingly endless cacophony of dualistic separation in fear, darkness, do this / that, this is right / wrong, with everything crumbling down around you, with old systems that can no longer sustain themselves in their iniquity and corruption: Hold your LIGHT steady and strong. Be a beacon of LOVE in the midst of it all. It is your LIGHT that you broadcast in every moment that is what holds the new energies for everyone. Stand in your ONENESS and let your LOVE flow out to all of life without reservation.

  • Eclipse Season

    Eclipse Season

    We’re in the eclipse window for the summer equinox where the light is at its strongest and soon we’ll be in the exact point of the eclipse. Just like breathing, we inhale and exhale, and afterward, there is a still point, which if we’re open to it, something NEW can arrive. The energy of this is always present, just patiently waiting for us to be still so that it can come in. This is such an amazing eclipse season and today’s eclipse especially is a super potent zero point reset if we’re willing to just let it be and allow it into our hearts. Blessings to everyone and may all…

  • Eden Template Phase II

    Eden Template Phase II

    As part of Phase II of the Eden Template, a new component is being added. Historically we have all primarily been either left or right brain oriented, or at least predominately one or the other – and there are so many metaphors you could use to describe a point of separation. Yet now we need a better way of having energy move through our nervous system. Dolphins and whales are whole-brained, yet they can also just use a part if they wish, say the way that whales sleep with just a small part of their brain awake to surface to breathe while they are sleeping. We will connect the two…

  • Abundance Master Class

    Master Class Series – Abundance

    “Abundance” calls to mind so many different ideas. It’s love, money, joy, it’s expansion, it’s an expression of our true nature. Over the eons that we’ve been in a body on and off planet, distorted ideas about the nature of this energy were set in place. We hold these in our cellular memory and until they become conscious, the distorted ideas influence our every action. Just considering money there are so many distortions: we don’t have enough, we’re guilty because we have too much, we have to earn it, it’s a struggle, it’s our security in the world and makes us feel safe, worthiness, self value … and on and…