African Dreams

I’m Called to go to Africa

The day after being asked to come to Africa in dreams Theresa Luttenegger called me and asked me if I was being called to go and of course, I laughed and told her of the dream and she then told me that both she and Beth W. Kuria had also been called. I said I was all in yet at the time did not have the funds for the plane ticket and the next day another friend, David Hall called and had gotten the message that I needed to be there and he and his wife Diane purchased a plane ticket for me.

That night in dreams I was riding in the back of a stretch Land Rover with a group of friends and we came upon a large male white lion laying down in the shade. We stopped and everyone quietly went to the left side of the inside of the vehicle to look and take photos, and I slipped out the back door on the right and walked around the back of the vehicle in order to approach the lion.

When everyone saw me they initially began to be frightened and I put my finger to my lips to say shhh and everyone calmed down, no fear, just love, and I continued walking up to the lion, who stood up, casually walked over to greet me and we headbutted in greeting like long lost friends and we proceeded to play wrestle a bit (meaning I was totally pinned by a 400-pound lion) and then just sat conversing with each other.

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