Awakening the Ranbow Light Body

Awakening & Embodying the Rainbow Light Body

The Rainbow Light body has often been referred to as an amplifier of ascension, if not the most advanced amplifier available to HUmans.

In the old way of ascension, practitioners who received this practice would spend 20 years in meditation without a single negative thought in order to master it. And after mastering it, they would then consciously begin to dissolve back into spirit. There are numerous examples of these masters dissolving their bodies and shrinking to the size of small babies, or completely dissolving their bodies into spirit.

And, this is the OLD way, where when one experienced enlightenment, they would drop their bodies and return to spirit as Ascended Masters.

In these never-before-happening energies of this new epoch, where frequencies of energies that have never been available to us, now we embody our Soul in our physical body, by raising the frequency of our vibration enough that our Soul can descend into it, and we continue to live as Embodied Masters, and that is how this new version of the Rainbow Body is practiced.

It’s not like I originally felt, as being an activation, it is an awakening, which is already present in you, and through this meditation, it will assist you in remembering what you already know inside yourself, even if you’re temporarily forgotten.

Deep in the body, there is a single cell that contains the essence of the Rainbow Light Body, and it is this cell that we will travel to and open, awakening it through your remembrance and awareness. Once the cell is opened, its essence resonates in all the other cells in your body, while continuously emanating and expanding its frequency and stabilizing it in our bodies. As this happens, we then go through transfiguration into the Solar Lightbody, during which we continuously align all of our light bodies into a unified whole.

This is a deep deep deep practice, and now it is open and available to everyone willing to receive it.

I AM so looking forward to sharing this with everyone.


David Maria