Death and Dying, Thriving in the Present Moment

Death & Dying…or…Living & Thriving in the Present Moment……The Death of Illusion

At one time or another, all of us have heard the question “Is there life after death?” and the real question that we need to ask ourselves is “Is there life before death?”.

Most of the world’s people live in either the past or the future [or a combination of the two], neither of which exists. The past is gone and no one has ever experienced the future. This is because it is always NOW, and the only moment that is available to any of us is Here and Now.

Yet to be present in the moment, it is necessary to neutralize all the distortions, traumas, and programs that still remain in us. As long as any of them remain, our attention within this moment is pulled away. And, this also includes our ancestral line, not only in this lifetime, but in all of our incarnations. Whatever we are carrying, no matter how it came into creation, it all needs to have its charge released so it no longer can exert any “pull” on us, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

This class will be two-fold: it will have an alignment or healing component, where we do a deep forgiveness exercise for ourselves, and all of our ancestors [from this life and all of our incarnations] releasing everything that still has even the slightest charge on it.

Secondly, we will celebrate the entirety of our live(s) through a ritualic funeral by surrendering everything from our past to the funeral in joyful and grateful celebration of all that we went through to come to this point before releasing all of it and walking away, having incinerated the entirety of our past, never again to look back, and finally be able to live fully in this NOW moment.

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