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    Africa 2021-2022

    Africa 2021-2022 On the second day in Nairobi, Kenya, having had a bit of rest from the very long plane ride, we journeyed to Karura Forest, which is located in Nairobi near the United Nations and embassy district. This is an incredible forest being continually restored, within Nairobi. It is a microcosm of what Kenya used to look like. It is a natural setting within the city with incredible trees, lakes, ponds, and hiking trails and once you are in the park all sense of the huge noisy surrounding city disappears. It is filled with HUGE trees, including the sacred fig, and grassy parks for family picnics. It is a…

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    Africa 2021-2022 – Arrival

    Returning to Kenya in 21-22 was a much-anticipated journey as I had been informed by my brother, Samuel Kamitha, that I would be initiated – inducted as the first-ever 13th seer into the Gikuyu society of seers. I had been told astrologically before leaving that the journey itself would be extremely challenging, the astrologer said there is no way they would make this journey, yet challenging or not, it was a choiceless choice to go, and wow was it ever challenging. As I always do when I arrive in Kenya, the first thing I do is to go visit Talek the leopard, who is my good friend and lives in…