• Stillness


    Within everything, there is Stillness. Within every “doing” that we do, no matter how “active” it is, there is always stillness inside of it. All of creation emanates from Stillness.Stillness is the creative force behind everything.At the heart of everything, no matter how large or small, there is stillness. In every word you speak, there is stillness before the sound.With every breath, you take, you breathe in stillness and exhale stillness out. Stillness Moves Upon the Void and all of creation comes into Being. In the center of every thought you experience yourself having, there is stillness. Feel yourself being the observer that you are the one experiencing yourself having…

  • Grounding Deep Into the Earth

    Deeper Grounding

    We are experiencing such magnified shifts now with very large influxes of energies from not only all the dimensions of this universe, we are receiving them from the vastness of the multiverse. Sometimes they arrive for us as downloads that are so strong that we are buffeted around, like being in an extremely strong wind, like a hurricane, and sometimes the waves are so strong they can potentially take us out of the body, as in we could transition back into non-physical, and the body would die. I was recently shown a deeper way of grounding in order to help stabilize us at a deeper level and assist with our…

  • Diamond Heart

    The Truth About Love

    Everyone is searchingLooking forWanting to findTo knowThe Truth About Love What is itWhere is itCan it be foundBe discoveredIs it only for a special realized few We look hereThereEverywhere And then we discover it is not outside of us It IS us You are the Love that you’ve hoped is true.You have never not been the Love you’ve soughtWe just looked outside of ourselvesGoing in, we discover the Truth of who we areAnd always have been Blessings www.theedentemplate.com Sharing is always appreciated.

  • Mikveh

    Merging of Traditions

    Last night in dreams I came upon several men who were beginning to dig a large hole into a hillside. They began at the top of a hill, which was flat, and began digging down and part of the hole then opened up like it was carved into a terraced hill. The men who were initially diffing were all of middle eastern descent. When I arrived they had finally dug down to what would eventually be the floor of the hole and were beginning to level it out. At this point, I jumped in and began to assist in the digging and leveling until the hole was completely dug, clean…