• Frequency


    My the frequencies have been really high today. And they just keep getting higher and higher.

  • Peace

    May Peace Fill You

    It is my deep wish and prayer that now that we have slowed down that everyone will begin to experience the joy of not only being still, we will all experience Stillness. We have all been speedy, moving so quickly that we have no ability to see what is actually around us. Driving so fast, being in such a hurry on the freeway what we drive recklessly just to get in front of the car in front of us and arrive at the same destination just moments apart. It’s literally time to slow down and smell the roses, to love the journey more than the destination, to be in this…

  • I AM

    I AM

    I AM the consciousness behind the dreamer who is dreaming me. There is the dream, and there is the dreamer of the dream. The dream is a short lived play of forms. It is the world – relatively real but not absolutely real. There is the dreamer, the relative reality in which forms come and go. The dreamer is not the me, the person. The person is part of the dream. The dreamer is the substratum in which the dream appears, that which makes the dream possible, what sometimes is called the Mind. Consciousness itself, is the absolute behind the relative, the timeless behind time, the consciousness in and behind…

  • morphogenic field

    Morphogenic Field

    In dreams this morning I was working as an assistant to a universal class physicist, a very quirky person, and I was compiling all of his research into a cohesive book. This person was brilliant beyond understanding and as a “hobby” he was also working on an exhaust problem for the internal combustion engine. He had designed an exhaust system that was insane to look at as it wrapped his car in multiple weird tubes with various shaped chambers that interacted with the particles in the exhaust. I did help him with the shape some of the chambers to fine tune them and finally the car then had the same…

  • Who Are You

    Dreaming – Who Are You?

    Last night in dreams I dreamed that I was in a dream dreaming I was within a dream dreaming. And it went on and on and on. Then I dreamed I was dreaming and was eating a carrot and took too big of a bite and began to choke and began dreaming within the dream that I was choking and coughed the carrot up. We are endless fractals of dreams within dreams in this glorious and yet we are so much more than anything we can know with our minds.

  • Freedom from the Known

    Freedom from the Known

    Can you imagine what it could / would be like to be free from everything you currently know? All of your past, everything, every small detail of your life no longer dragging you behind it in a prison of your own memories. No fear, anxiety, shame, feeling small or less than. Free to just BE in this moment and allow your total self to just flow in the moment as it is. No struggling, no aspirations, just the incredible freedom of Beingness. Soon I will be announcing a 7-week Eden Template Master Class: Freedom from the Known. I’m extremely excited about this and so looking forward to sharing it with…

  • Surviving Trauma

    Surviving and Clearing Trauma

    As you may or may not know, I’ve lived through a pretty abusive life, physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually, and I’ve worked a lot on clearing the trauma energy of it and recently begun to really feel how it’s shifted in a major way. This week I’ve made a commitment to myself to begin writing my overall journey into a book and doing some writing each day. Today was the day that I really went in depth writing about the early years, before first grade, and it became so difficult to write it that I had to stop for a while just to work with the energies coming up. I…

  • Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

    Can You Imagine Freedom

    What would it feel like to be completely free? Can you imagine this? Free from all of “your stuff”. Free from anxiety, old stories, beliefs, how it’s supposed to be, what ever it is inside of you that keeps you comfortable and stirred up. Wherever you can find a piece of self identity of you as an I, that’s not it, Not that, not that, not that not that not that. No matter how deep you go and find a piece of self identity, that’s not who you are. Imagine going beyond yourself, dropping all of you along the way, surrendering so completely there is nothing of you remaining. And…

  • Stillness


    In Stillness The stillness is very deep this morning, deeper than my normal experience of it. Be Still, Listen to the Silence for it speaks loudly.