African Dreams
African Dreams

African Dreams

Last night as I laid down to go to sleep I was instantly transported to Kenya in Africa. I was at a large gathering with all of my friends (and yes, you know who you are because you were there, many many many of the most awake and powerful women on the planet). We arrived in several vans and after the van I was in arrived I went around and opened the large sliding door to let my brother out, who as many of you know, is a very very large male lion.

The gathering of people was instantly on edge and alert as it’s not often one has a 400 pound male lion walking with a man towards you.

We got to a comfortable place as I was going to address them and my brother sat down with my hand on his mane.

I spoke just a little bit, reassuring them that they were perfectly safe and he would never harm any of them. Through me he told them that he had traveled on foot from Nairobi (around a three hour drive) walking silently and hidden from view to come to the home where I was staying. He did this so as to not frighten anyone.

Suddenly a huge matriarchal elephant walked into the gathering trumpeting very loudly as they do and making that beautiful deep deep rumbling sound they make that travels miles through the earth.

She walked up on the opposite side of me from my brother and then they began to use me to speak. And she said this:

I am the Queen of the Elephants and he is the King of the Lions. You have forgotten that you are of the land. You have forgotten that you are the soil that you stand on, that the red soil of Africa is the blood of your ancestors and that the deep purple soul is the blood of your kings and queens. You have forgotten that Africa is literally your mother and that we are your sisters and brothers and we have a place here among you as equals, that we have the same rights as you to food and water.

My brother then addressed the men saying:

Brothers, you have forgotten your women. You have forgotten that you also have a feminine nature and that you no longer have a balance inside yourselves through thinking you are superior to them, when not only are you not, you have never been superior to women.

Think of the many many times your women have to surrender to your will on a daily basis and know that this is what is required for you to be able to surrender to your Higher Selves, to Source. It is your feminine nature that you now have to cultivate in order to learn the graceful art of surrendering.

Come to know that again there is a balance in all things, the land, it’s people, it’s animals, a balance inside of your masculine and feminine. It’s takes both to find your inner balance and to raise yourselves to the next stages of your awakening.

Women, do not be shy anymore, stand up in your power and integrity, with kindness, yet total firmness that you will no longer accept being less than and rise up as equals.

They then roared and trumpted together and she walked back into the bush and my brother and I got in our van and drove back to our house.

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