Mount Kenyan Diamonds
African Dreams

Mount Kenyan Diamonds

In another dream where I was walking around Mount Kenya and stopping to do prayers and when I finished with a prayer of awakening for all of humanity the ground again erupted with an earthquake and the earth split open and lava began pouring out from the mountain. It was not like normal lava, colored differently, although still very orange/red and it was cool to the touch so you could easily put your hand into it and hold the lava.

What was extraordinary was the lava flow was filled with diamonds the size of a baseball or your hand. There were so many of them I put a dozen of them in my satchel and continued with my journey.

Later on, I met with the other seerers and one of them commented that this year was unusual because they have always known how many diamonds will reveal themselves and they are for all the people during the coming year as the energy of each one is released at its appropriate time. What was unusual was that there were 12 less found than they were told would be found.

I sheepishly held up my satchel to say are these them? I then said something like, well there were so many of them and since I found them and I didn’t know, well I picked some up as I thought they were for me. As I returned them, everyone smiled that I had found them and that the revealing for the year was finally complete.

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