• Eye of the Storm

    Hold to Your Center

    With all of the amplified energies we’re all going through, high-speed solar winds, spiking Schumann Resonance, Saturn-Uranus square, deep space multi-dimensional energies coming at us from all directions, new electro-magnetic energies flaring causing tremendous changes in our fields, it can sometimes feel really uncomfortable. Especially since all of life is going through this transfiguration. All of the mineral and crystal kingdoms, plants kingdoms, animal kingdoms, the elementals, all of life is in process of being transformed, and what a ride it is. We are in an unprecedented moment of change and it is asking us to completely surrender everything. Many are choosing to hold fast to their beliefs and patterns…

  • Stillness


    Stillness has been so deep and profound the last few days. It has manifested externally with no wind, no sound, and in feeling. There is no movement in or out, only stillness. The stillness in the house manifests as complete soundlessness. The power went out last night to further add to stillness’ depth. Stillness (Moves) on the Void (Nothing) and all of creation flows into being. Blessings www.theedentemplate.com Sharing is always appreciated.

  • Grace

    Grace in Action

    Many of you reading these posts may know that a year ago I found out that I was sexually abused by a relative as a young child. At the time of this knowing a great friend who had also been through this themselves suggested that I might have to go into therapy for a decade or more in order to fully clear the cellular memories in the body. As I meditated on this I knew this was not only not possible, it was also not necessary and wasn’t going to happen as in that moment Grace came into me and completely removed all of those cellular memories in a single…

  • Freedom From the Known

    Freedom From the Known Price Drop

    As additional people are inquiring about the cost for Freedom from the Known, I have been guided to keep the price to $555.00 for everyone. If you experience any problem during registration please contact me at dmaria@theedentemplate.com. You can register at www.theedentemplate.com/freedom-from-the-known.html Blessings. David Sharing is always appreciated.