Connecting and Celebrating Dragons

Celebrating & Connecting with Dragons

2024 is the Year of the Dragon

As many of you know I AM offering a class on Celebrating and Connecting with Dragons on Sunday, January 7, at 11:00 am Pacific. I have been very excited to share what is coming through, and it is incredibly beautiful.

Dragons are 12th dimensional beings and they are aspects of the Sophianic or Solar Christ Consciousness, Solar Rishes [different embodiments of the Solar Logos]. They hold their aspect of Christ Consciousness and assist us in grounding and anchoring [embodying] this energy in us.

During the last epoch when the energies fell dramatically and humans almost completely forgot who they were, dragons were vilified [especially in Europe – the brave knight slaying the dragon to save the princess], and almost en mass they withdrew into the higher dimensions. In the new epoch we’re in now [the Age of Aquarius] the energies are rising, HUmans are once again remembering who we are, and the dragons are returning, and they are returning in profusion.

I’ve been shown that they are coming through portals by the thousands [they created the portals] and are eager to make connections with HUmans, [as we are to connect with them].

Many of you already know of your connection and relationship with them, both personally and collectively. And even with those beautiful connections, there is still more to be discovered.

In this class, each person will discover their connection to dragon consciousness in all of the dimensions. Meaning that you will connect to – receive a dragon in the 5th-12th dimensions. How that manifests for each person will be unique. Additionally, the dragons will create and give everyone access to a nursery, filled with eggs, allowing hatching and bonding into a new relationship. I’ve been shown that there will be thousands of eggs. This is something I’ve not heard of before [it may have happened, and I just haven’t heard of it].

I will also share my experiences with dragons and why the 7th of January is such an important vibrational harmonic.

I look forward to sharing with all of you who feel called.


David Maria