• Earth Spinal Column

    Is It Amplified Enough for You?

    Oh the energies pouring in now are simply wonderful, aren’t they? Well unless they are sometimes flattening you, which has happened to me a couple of times this last week. 🙂 I’ve actually had to go lay down and close my eyes, which hasn’t happened to me now in several years. It’s not that they are necessarily intense, as that would just be a projection of ourselves, yet they are very amplified, and aligning with them while still being grounded in our bodies so that we can anchor them in the earth, well sometimes it might be experienced as challenging. I could talk about frequencies and higher dimensions, yet in…

  • Freedom From the Known - A Journey of Transformation

    It’s Your Time to THRIVE

    Are you ready to live the truly free and abundant life you’ve always dreamed of, right now, regardless of your current circumstances? Freedom from the Known is the doorway to your thriving. It’s true – it’s all patiently waiting for you…waiting for you to give the clear green light and allow it to freely flow into your life, which is what will happen when you clear out the embodied fear, lack, and pain from your past that is currently blocking its path. It’s your turn to thrive! It’s time to claim your birthright and free yourself from everything that binds you and holds you in limitation, and the Eden Template’s Freedom from the Known is here…

  • Event Horizon

    We’ve Crossed the Event Horizon

    Can You Feel It? It’s true, we have crossed the point of no return, absolutely no return. You might not be very far in the process, you might have just a single that has crossed the event horizon, or all of you may have dove in. Even if you’ve just put the tip of one finger over, it immediately was stretched across trillions of light-years and it inexorably pulling the rest of you in. There is no turning back now. Who will you know yourself to Be when you emerge? Can you allow ease and grace to help you let go and surrender and allow yourself to just Be, or…

  • Eden Template Activation

    Eden Template Phase I Activation

    We are in the midst of an incredible vortex of transfiguration – transformation and you might be experiencing all kinds of “interesting” eruptions, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. No matter the outward turbulence, hold to your Zero Point center. In the stillness let the incoming energies scour anything in your fields that no longer serves you, it is as simple as just letting them go. What is upon us now is bigger than our ability to imagine. It is a total cleaning washing of our energy fields of the “old” and aligning with the “new”. It is nothing less than a total transformation of ourselves, if we’re ready to…

  • Equinox Global Reset

    Equinox Global Reset Eden Template Love Offering

    We are in the vortex of a global reset in consciousness now and will continue to be in this amazingly amplified vortex for at least a month. You may be experiencing all kinds of “interesting” eruptions, whether physical or emotional. Just like a hurricane has a still point at the center, no matter how amplified and “destructive” the storm might be, hold to your Zero Point center. In the stillness let the incoming reset scour any energy in your fields that no longer serves you, it is as simple as just letting them go. What is upon us now is bigger than our ability to imagine. It is a total…

  • Eye of the Storm

    Hold to Your Center

    With all of the amplified energies we’re all going through, high-speed solar winds, spiking Schumann Resonance, Saturn-Uranus square, deep space multi-dimensional energies coming at us from all directions, new electro-magnetic energies flaring causing tremendous changes in our fields, it can sometimes feel really uncomfortable. Especially since all of life is going through this transfiguration. All of the mineral and crystal kingdoms, plants kingdoms, animal kingdoms, the elementals, all of life is in process of being transformed, and what a ride it is. We are in an unprecedented moment of change and it is asking us to completely surrender everything. Many are choosing to hold fast to their beliefs and patterns…

  • Stillness


    Stillness has been so deep and profound the last few days. It has manifested externally with no wind, no sound, and in feeling. There is no movement in or out, only stillness. The stillness in the house manifests as complete soundlessness. The power went out last night to further add to stillness’ depth. Stillness (Moves) on the Void (Nothing) and all of creation flows into being. Blessings www.theedentemplate.com Sharing is always appreciated.

  • Grace

    Grace in Action

    Many of you reading these posts may know that a year ago I found out that I was sexually abused by a relative as a young child. At the time of this knowing a great friend who had also been through this themselves suggested that I might have to go into therapy for a decade or more in order to fully clear the cellular memories in the body. As I meditated on this I knew this was not only not possible, it was also not necessary and wasn’t going to happen as in that moment Grace came into me and completely removed all of those cellular memories in a single…

  • Freedom From the Known

    Freedom From the Known Price Drop

    As additional people are inquiring about the cost for Freedom from the Known, I have been guided to keep the price to $555.00 for everyone. If you experience any problem during registration please contact me at dmaria@theedentemplate.com. You can register at www.theedentemplate.com/freedom-from-the-known.html Blessings. David Sharing is always appreciated.

  • Crossing the Veil

    Crossing the Veil – You Are The Key

    We are crossing the veil. It is gossamer thin, yet we cannot bring any of our “stuff” with us because as we pass through everything of our old life just falls away and you are new. You are the keyYou are the lockYou are the doorYou are the lock on the doorYou are the unlocking of the lockYou are the opening of the doorYou are the crossing of the thresholdYou are the other side of the veil The door has always been openYou have always been on the other side www.theedentemplate.com Sharing is always appreciated.

  • Shadow Work, Triggers and Grace

    Shadow Work, Triggers & Grace

    When we first begin to remember who we are and walk the path, we discover that there is darkness inside of us. In our incarnational journeys, we have all been preyed upon and been the preditor, in small to large ways, and part of our work is to clear the cellular debris or residue of this from our cells and energy fields. This is not easy work and it takes strength to look at ourselves, sometimes great strength. Yet as we look deeper and clear those energetic memories (for that is all they are is a whisper of a memory) we find it easier and easier to both look and…