Great Bell Chant

We are On the Threshold of No More War

Can you feel the entire world crying out, saying No More War, no more of the old power-over control games, both personal, national, religious or cultural? Transcending power, that has been playing out for thousands of years. We are on the cusp of this becoming a reality. Energetically, we are moving into a frequency of energy where war is simply not possible.

Yet as we move into this very high frequency, it is still up to all of us collectively to accomplish this, as it is still only a possibility, yet it is palpable in the energy field surrounding us and it is growing stronger every moment, pulling us into a higher reality where only Love is present, and power and war cannot function anymore.

And it only requires one small shift in our consciousness to accept the Oneness of all creation. There is no one outside of Oneness, no matter what their behavior and how their consciousness manifests.

Can you surrender all judgments towards anyone and everyone and see them in the perfection that they are and always have been.

The Great Bell Chant


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