You Are the Universe

You Are the Universe

When you know what “As within, so without” means, you know that the human nervous system is the universe, not like or even identical to, it IS the universe.

The illustration above of the nerves and ganglia of the nervous system can be used to show us how we are really wired. Our nervous system (neural net) connects and is the crystalline grid of the earth, or what the aboriginal people call Song Lines. This is why all indigenous peoples are connected to the land they are tied to because it is a part of them. Most humans have simply forgotten, or choose to continue to forget, we are the earth, and more.

When our consciousness expands, which happens as our conditioning falls away, there is more space in our neural net and it begins to expand to the size of the earth, our solar system, our galaxy, all the dimensions, this universe, all universes, the multiverse, etc. Just like when we look at the night sky it is mostly space, so is our consciousness as it expands.

Look at our local supercluster, Laniakea. Does it not appear to be a neural net.

Laniakea: Immeasurable Heaven

Zoom out even further, as this is just a tiny tiny fraction of our known universe and our universe appears like brain images, our neural net.

And what is it that brings all of this into creation???? What is the engine that is inside of all creation: LOVE. Love is the universal energy of all creation. It is what births and sustains everything. When you connect with your heart, you connect with all of creation, for truly all of creation is inside you, as you.


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