We’re Cleansing at a Quantum Level

Hello, my dear friends:

Even though many of us might feel that we’re going a good job, if not a great job of clearing our fields, we’re all being asked to go so much deeper.

We’re all going through the transfiguration which will not only transform us at every level of our Being, literally changing every part of all of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, we are being asked to surrender everything. I’ll say that again, EVERYTHING of our old way of being, no matter how small it may be. We simply cannot take anything of our old way of being into the NEW that is pulling us into itself.

Some of you may discover that the container of you looks really clean, yet like a glass of water with some dirt in it, if allowed to sit and settle, the dirt will sink to the bottom, leaving the water with the appearance of being clean. Yet if the water is stirred, the sediment appears and clouds the water.

The cleansing will continue until every single part of us is cleansed and there is nothing left of our old selves. Easy? Most of the time not so much. Yet we continue to cleanse layer after layer until the transformation from carbon-based to crystalline is complete. and we are translucently clear.