Time to Let Go

Just Let Go

Life will bring us to the precipice again and again until we finally surrender and Just Let Go.

No matter how much we are in resistance, ultimately there is only a choiceless choice. You’ve heard that we can go easily with grace, or be drug-kicking and screaming. Either way, eventually we will finally surrender.

Since the energies supporting us in making this leap are here in such abundance it is so easy to let go and leap into the unknown.

Remember when you were a child and maybe you jumped off a hill or a bridge or swung into a lake or river. How at first it might have been a little bit scary. Yet when you finally did it, you experienced the exhilaration of being in free fall and how wonderful that feeling was.

That feeling of exhilaration. Oh, it is so wonderful as you free fall into the knowingness of your True Self.

Jump. Don’t hesitate, just jump. It’s wonderful.


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