The Egg Cracks

The Egg Cracks

For many many years we as a people have prayed, breathed, meditated and done practices we believe will assist us or help us wake up to ourselves.

We’ve done endless repetitions of mantras, sat still, walked in nature, done breathing practices, read all the right books, studied with all the right teachers,

One day the egg cracks, just a little, and we react with What was That? and slam it shut again.

It takes a while of looking into the depths of the omniverse to begin to know that what we’re looking for is not “out there” it’s inside us and it is us.

Living in this moment we’re all presented with choices of how we will be, will we choose US or I, will we choose to step into New Earth or want things to be as they have always been.

The foundational energies that maintained the old world are gone and will never return and it’s only the momentum of the collective energies of those that want that world to continue as it was that keeps it alive. It’s already dissolved, most just don’t know it, yet in time everyone will.

In these amazing times there are present a plethora of Master Teachers who have walked ahead of others and they are here to be of assistance and guidance in your Embodiment. You’ll know who you resonate working with as you will be drawn to them like a magnet and they will always see you uplifted and empower you.

If I can be of assistance or guidance for you on your journey, I offer one-on-one sessions and group activations and am currently completing a new class that will be offered in January of 2021.