Where are You Wounded

Where are you Wounded or Stuck?

Our woundings are often the place that we absolutely don’t want to go into, to look at because we are afraid or even terrified of feeling what is buried there. Yet they are also where we are the most stuck and not able to walk past or around. No one wants to look there, no one, it’s too painful. Yet it truly is the only choice if we wish to grow. And it turns out the fear is just a ghost, for when looked at it disappears.

Sometimes this is a pattern of fear built up over many life times of layering fear over fear in order not to feel.

Turns out that feeling into those frozen buried energies is the only way to release them, through feeling what is there to it’s depths until there is nothing left to feel, that we’ve felt it all. Then they release through your neutrality with them and it dissolves.

What comes in to fill that void, well it is glorious beyond comprehension.

If you’re ready to do some deep diving and let go into surrendering, yet feel you would like some assistance or guidance, I’m here to be of service through one-on-one sessions of the Eden Template activation.

Open your direct connection to Source, balance your energy flow, embody who you truly are as your Soul.