What is it to Grow

We’re Transforming at a Deep Deep Level

Many are currently experiencing an emptiness that is new and also very uncomfortable.

It is actually a normal part of our growth, to experience periods of emptiness between growth spurts.

When planted in the ground a seed needs to rest in darkness under the earth in order to begin to germinate. As it rests underground, it prepares itself for its actual growth stages. Without this resting phase, it would not be able to germinate.

Once it has rested in darkness, it doesn’t just push upward towards the light. First, it puts down a root deep enough to support its upward growth. Without the strength and stability of developing deep roots, it would not be able to support itself in the light. And, the larger the plant, the deeper the roots need to be.

We are in a massive growth phase now with incredible energies coming to us from our local sun, and also deep cosmic energies assisting us in our journey through our personal transfiguation.

If you’re in the emptiness phase, please relax into it. There is nothing wrong, and it is perfectly perfect. When it’s time for the new to come in, it will. When it’s your moment to shine brightly in the sun, you will.

Just be with what it is.


May All Beings Know Peace.