Time is an Illusion

Time is an Illusion

Not only is time an illusion, but it is also merely a belief. The only reason that the past exists is that you believe it to be so. The past cannot exist without your belief in it, and it holds you to it so you cannot experience what is truly possible, it limits what you think, feel, know is possible through your belief.

What we “experience as time exists is a spiral circle of eternal “Now” moments.

We are only able to manifest what we know to be possible and If through your experience, you believe that miracles can’t happen, they can’t because you know this to be true.

If you didn’t they would begin to come forward through your consciousness and the more you show yourself what an incredibly amazing and gifted creator you are, and that there are no limitations on what is possible, they would flow through your life abundantly.

The depth of creativity inside of all of us is simply beyond comprehension and it’s just waiting inside of all of us to come forth.

Create the world that you want to live in, and step outside of what is possible and into the impossible. It’s so much more fun