We are Always One

We are Always One

No matter who we “think” we are, in truth, we’re all One, we are fractals of One Consciousness. Yes, we may appear to be different and like a snowflake we are unique, and yet just like light passing through a prism appears to contain many colors, the light is always One.

With all of the incredible diversity of our origins, race, gender, culture, we are all fractals of One as there is no other. No matter how much we attempt to introduce separation into our consciousness, it never works. One cannot be separated. We can spend our lives insisting on separation as the truth we believe, yet ultimately it will dissolve into Oneness and the Truth of who we are.

As I do every month, I AM offering the Eden Template activation on Saturday, August 8th at 11am Pacific online via Zoom.

The Eden Template is an opening, a re-connection, a remembering of your direct connection to Source, to the Divinity within you and once it is opened the Divinity that you truly are, begins to shine in you as you and you begin to align to finer and finer levels your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and distortions in your being fall away leaving only the light of the God-Self within you shining.

I AM the living transmission of the Eden Template and this is not something that I “give” you. It is already in you and the activation is merely a remembrance and a quickening.

You can register at https://www.theedentemplate.com/events.html

I look forward to meeting with all of you and sharing.

May all Beings know Peace.