Kids living many lives

The Lives We Choose to Incarnate Into

The life paths we find ourselves in, and the roles we choose to play throughout the entirety of our incarnational stream, can be likened to children playing.

Children can totally immerse themselves into a role, like a doctor, teacher, police person, firefighter, pilot, and on and on and on. In this immersion, they can become that person and live out that role, and they can live many many roles and careers each day, choosing or rejecting a life that appeals to them.

This is like a condensed version of your incarnational stream, where we live our many lives, all designed to expand your consciousness through experiences

And that is how it has been, until now. Now, we are at the pivotal point where in this lifetime, this NOW, we have decided to shed all of the distortions and fluff of our unresolved “stuff” and retrieve all of our mastery and gifts perfected through those lifetimes, bring them into this life, and fully embody our Souls [I AM THAT I AM] in our bodies, becoming living masters in the physical.

This is huge work, sometimes challenging and most often difficult. Yet it is also easy as literally we were made for this, we chose this as we knew it was coming and that we could do it.

May Love surround you, wrap around you, embrace you, and hold you steady in its Divine Embrace.

Blessings, Ease, and Grace on the journey of your path dear friends.

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