Recharging and Balancing Earth Elements

Recharging and Balancing the Earth’s Elements, a Global Meditation

Recently in very lucid dreams, and meditation I was shown how depleted and out of balance the elements and elemental forces on the earth are.

And, it is natural for the energetics of the elements and the elemental forces to decline over time and become depleted. Yet currently what is happening with all of the chaoticness happening in the world, is that the collective’s dysfunction and misuse of their own energy fields are creating an immense imbalance in the elemental forces themselves. From greed to war, selfishness, and many other lower aspects of Beingness, as a collective, we’re not being responsible for the use of our own energy and what we choose to create.

The collective energy of us is creating a very chaotic energy around all of us. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this is playing out elementally, with very wild swings of too much water, not enough, too much fire, or not enough, etc.

In that same dream, I was guided to create a global meditation and invite everyone to come and for them to invite their friends and their friends friends to participate. When you join in, you will link with all the other participants and will receive the foundational meditation of The Eden Template, Awakening Your Original Soul Blueprint. We will do this to open up all of the energy channels in your body [kundalini], align all of the aspects of your energy fields, connect directly with Source Creator, and then bring through the new elements that are poised and ready to come through.

Lastly, we will each find our natural place on Gaia’s energy grid, infuse the new elements into the grid, and balance them so they are in complete harmony with each other.

This is a completely open and free gift. I invite everyone to join in, no matter where you are located. I also invite you to invite your friends. If you have a mailing list, share this with them and ask them to share it with their friends. I have a one-time increase in the number of possible attendees through Zoom and will increase it if necessary.

You can register here

Please share this as far and wide as you can. The more of us, the more of a shift is possible.


David Maria