Embodying the I AM

We are in the midst of the greatest expansion of consciousness we have ever experienced.

Our universe [one of trillions] is expanding exponentially at such a rate that it’s inconceivable to the mind how quickly it is expanding. Galaxies are racing away from each other quantumly.

In April of 1990, the Hubble Telescope [at the time the most powerful telescope ever built] and at one point set its incredible lens in a section of space with no light or other frequencies and left it open for a week. When the photos came in, billions of galaxies were “discovered” in what was seemingly empty space.

In December of 2021, James Webb was launched into a miraculous orbit that always kept its back to the sun to look deeper into the known universe. It was then pointed into an empty area within the same space where Hubble found billions of galaxies and again found even billions more.

As all of creation is consciousness and interactive, did we “discover” them, or did they come into existence because we looked?

We are on the verge of a unified theory for physics, where all of the forces are accounted for, and the math is done, yet it will not hold. Creation is a mystery beyond comprehension, and no matter how much we learn about it, it will always present more mysteriousness. The ongoing search for dark matter will not find anything, because it is the very foundation of creation, it is the firmament, the Ground of Being.

Even with the universe expanding quantumly, our local galaxy, the Milky Way [Alceon], and Andromeda are merging [in deep cosmological time – over billions of years]. The magnetic and gravitational forces pulling them together are beyond comprehension.

Each galaxy contains trillions of stars, and as these immense beings come closer, the forces at play are incredible. Both are multi-dimensional beings, both have massive supermassive black holes in their center, with their unique event horizons that when crossed, even light cannot escape.

As they come closer all aspects of them begin to merge in a beautiful dance of intimacy. A person in one galaxy may have a random chance with someone for a few minutes and the depth of the magnetic attraction they experience can send them into unending waves of bliss, while in another dimension in the other galaxy, it can create a hurricane, volcano, earthquake, tsunami vortex of destruction, and the energies are the same, with opposite effects.

At the edges of the galaxies merging, the gravitational forces are so extreme, that in the beginning planets and even solar systems can be thrown out of their gravitational fields and become wanderers in space.

And, all of this is happening inside each of us as the I AM Presence begins to fully incarnate and embody in us. It’s like walking between irreconcilable forces that must be reconciled, opposites that cannot be merged must merge.

It is a journey that requires everything of us, the total surrender of everything, including our minds, thoughts, and beliefs, and learning to live in the moment through our hearts. Our minds have taken us as far as they are able into this vast journey into our consciousness. The old ways are collapsing faster and faster and we are entering into Beingness.

We are both the Creator and Creation.

This journey can sometimes be overwhelming. Learning to let go and surrender while at the same time being the one who creates everything in our journey of living in the unknown can be daunting.

This is where Freedom From the Known comes in. A 12-week deep deep dive into Consciousness, giving you the tools to become the Master that you truly are and always have been.

The next course begins on Saturday, October 7th and more information and registration are available at www.theedentemplate.com/freedom-from-the-known.html

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go, no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone

Blessings on your journey my dear friends.

Sharing is always appreciated.