Freedom From the Known

How’s This for a New Year’s Resolution?

2022 is fast approaching, and I want to first thank everyone for being a part of my journey and inviting me to be a part of yours over the last 12 months.

Whether you partake in the tradition of making one or more resolutions to jumpstart the New Year, there’s a good chance you will be taking time to consider what area of your life you wish to improve upon in 2022.

This is especially true when you contrast the unimaginable year the world just went through with the powerful and auspicious energies supporting all of us in the coming New Year.  

But before you go leaping into the great unknown, I want you to consider a New Year’s Resolution that will support you in your sacred journey like no other.

The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution: REMOVE YOUR PAIN BODY!

In the third class of my new and upcoming 7-week, multidimensionally transformative course, “The Eden Template: Freedom from the Known “, we will be focused on removing the pain body.

Week three’s class is titled “Freedom from Suffering: Removing the Pain Body”. In this life-altering class, you will gain clarity on how the pain body is energetically active in everyone.

Together, we will remove the pain body which creates a space inside us for Ease and Grace to flow into our lives. We will do a guided journey to remove, clear the pain body, and bring in new energy to fill its space.

If you are no longer willing to have your life run by fear, pain, and trauma, there may be no other class in the course as important to the quality of your life as the one we will experience during week three.

Click on the link below to get the details on what is covered in the other six classes and receive one of the last opportunities to take advantage of the early enrollment offer. On this landing page, you will discover all that is being offered to support you to release distortions of fear, pain, and lack from your energy field and remove your pain body – once and for all.

Wishing you and your family a safe and abundant New Year!  I look forward to you joining me and others in the unknown. See you on the other side.

With love,

David Maria