Freedom From the Known

Eliminate Artificial Fear From Your Life, So You Can REALLY Start Living!

If you’re experiencing an amplified amount of fear lately, you’re not alone. It doesn’t take much to see or sense just how rampant fear has become these days, and it seems as if our world is now so immersed in, and infused with fear, that its insanity has become a normal part of life.

It’s true that some types of fear are normal and needed. By that, I mean the kind of fear that emerges when your life is threatened—the kind of fear we truly do need in order to become really present in the moment and for our adrenaline to kick in so that we have the super energy we need to regain control and/or get to safety. That’s REAL fear. That kind of fear serves us.

Unfortunately, most of us are dealing with something very different than real fear. It’s another kind of fear, that I call artificial or faux fear, and it does not serve us at all. Rather, it solely serves to keep us constricted and playing small. It’s a non-essential fear that is often ingrained in us through our cultural or familial histories, and if you’re like most people, it has likely invaded your energy field and is keeping you from living your best life.

Faux fears feel very real. Because they’re lodged in your energy field, they have direct access to your nervous system, so when one of these fears gets triggered in your life in any way…for example, if your boss suddenly says he needs to see you, or you’re starting a new endeavor and your inner critic jumps in with all those old concerns of failing…whatever the artificial fear may be, it automatically sends a neuro response throughout your body, which makes you feel afraid.

If you’re like many people, you may feel these fears on a regular basis, and it’s not hard to see how they can easily take over some people’s lives. But instead of being taught how to heal and clear these artificial fears so that we can move on with our lives without the heavy mental, emotional and energetic restrictions they impose upon us, instead, we continue to allow ourselves to be constantly bombarded with myriad forms of artificial fears, whether it’s through television, social media, alcohol, shopping, or any of the other myriad distractions that exist to keep us preoccupied and in the loop of non-life-threatening fear.

The most important course I’ve ever taught, Freedom From the Known, which you can learn more about here, removes the overlay of these false fears from your energy field so that you can permanently get out of that loop.

The fear body is actually one of the easier energetic overlays to work with because we usually have less attachment to it than we do to other energetic overlays. I mean, who doesn’t want to give up fear, right? At the same time, there’s a multi-layered aspect to this kind of fear, and it does take time to reach all the way down to those more subtle layers of fear that lie beneath the gross layer of fear that’s relatively easy to perceive. In Freedom From the Known, we use a gradual process week after week to reach every last one of those subtle layers, ultimately getting all the way down to the fears your ancestors held that may have been passed down to you through your lineage, whether you realize it or not.

Here’s a taste of what past participants have said about this experience:

“It was a very strange experience.. I was working on the second and third layers that I recognized as being fears of my father and fears of my mother. They lived their lives burdened with that stuff. And I provided some relief… There was another aspect I was working through, not sure what kind of fear you would call it – it wasn’t ancestral, but my prior lives, at the same time as I was working through ancestral. It was quite a mix. But a very good experience to work through those.”

“It was very, very deep for me. A multi-dimensional hammer came out of me and several layers. It felt very profound. Through the week, the releasing was still going on and integration was step by step.”

“It was an experience like I’ve never had – it was incredibly cosmic. It helped me get in touch with some things I hadn’t been conscious of very, very deep in my system. It’s a release. I’ve had such a miraculous, extraordinary, real sense of removing that childhood trauma.”

“I saw a fear that’s being manufactured by the system that I live in. It’s really fascinating owning it and working on it on a personal level.”

“It manifested, not like bodies, but like boulders in a file drawer that I’ve never been able to get into before. I could open the folders and see the problems and identify them with myself, my parents, my wife, virtually anyone I’ve spent time around and could imprint from. I released a whole lot! And apparently, that was at the root of problems I was having pretty significantly with my lower back and some of my joints. I’m still dealing with some pain on a relatively lightweight level but completely stopped needing to go to physical therapy.”

Freedom From the Known is so powerful because it works with both your energetic field and your physical body. First, we activate and clear all layers of artificial fear, and then we also energetically cauterize the nerve endings within your body that those fear vibrations have access to so that those nerves can’t be used again in this way. And we do all of this without affecting or removing your much-needed response to REAL fear, should you ever require that to help you out of a truly dangerous situation.

Removing the fear body overlay is one of the first things we embark on in this course, and it continues layer by layer until we’re done on Week 11. In between, however, we address so much more, including the pain body, the lack body, the calibration of your energy centers, and much, much more. I encourage you to visit the official course page to learn all about it and sign up to experience this incredible clearing for yourself. It starts on January 22nd, and I’d love for you to be there!

If you have any questions at all, please email me at

Currently, I AM in Kenya, deepening the embodiment of these transmissions in preparation for this next evolution of this most important work. I’ll be checking email regularly and will be back in the States in time for us to begin this incredible journey together on January 22nd.