Freedom From the Known

Are All Your Needs Abundantly Met?

We all desire and deserve to live an abundant life. For most people, though, when they think about abundance, their thoughts immediately turn to money. And when most people think about money, all sorts of fear and lack distortions show up.

Can you relate?

Many people are in the process of discovering how totally unsatisfying it is to live a “normal” life with a job that does not resonate with them. With the world facing unprecedented change, I invite you to consider a very important question.  

Is transforming lack into abundance, where all your needs are easily met, a top-of-mind priority in your life?

In the fifth class of my upcoming 7-week, multidimensionally transformative course, “The Eden Template: Freedom from the Known “, we will be clearing out fear around money and all abundance by uncovering and activating the energetic vibration necessary to joyously create and consistently live in abundance.

Before that can occur, something else must happen first.  

A Deep Cleaning & Energetic Clearing of Lack

The fifth class in the Freedom from the Known course is called “Morphic Resonance: Creating & Living in Abundance”. We will anchor and amplify your morphic field with a new cohesive vibration of Abundance.

To ensure this is sustainable we will do a deep cleaning and energetic clearing of lack.

All of us have an energy wall where we believe in lack, where there is never enough. This results in us trying desperately to get more of what we desire. But instead of being fulfilled, we usually end up depleted by fighting against an elusive and relentless belief we’re not deserving of abundance.

During your fifth week in the course, together, we’ll walk into those seemingly unreachable places where lack hides and do some deep cleaning. Once the lack cleaning is complete, we’ll bring in new abundance codes to fill those old places.

If you are ready to take inspired action on new ideas to embody your Soul’s purpose and living in abundance excites you more than it frightens you, I invite you to click on the link below. You will learn what is covered in the other six classes and be able to take advantage of the last week of the early enrollment offer.

I look forward to you joining me and others in the unknown. See you on the other side.

With love,

David Maria

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