Freedom From the Known

Get Ready to REALLY Change Your Life for the Better!

Freedom From the Known, the most important course I’ve ever taught, starts on January 22nd, and I want to give you a true feel for how powerful this course can be in your life—regardless of where you’re starting from, what’s currently going on in your life, or how you’ve approached fear, pain or lack in the past.

You’ve heard the old saying “as within, so without”? This course works by reaching beyond thought and deep into your being which brings forth who you truly are internally, which then, in turn, improves your experience in the outer world. It focuses on the three common energetic overlays that, individually and/or together, have worked to create many of the limitations we experience in our daily lives. Those three energetic overlays are fear, pain, and lack, and there are very few people in the world today who aren’t hampered by one or more of these in some way.

These overlays are artificial, in that they do not accurately represent your true reality but were formed, likely at a young age or perhaps even before you were born, as a means to control and/or protect you. As we age, those protective mechanisms end up doing more harm than good and often hold us back from living the abundant, joyful lives that are our natural state of being. They also prevent us from having the clarity to experience our souls directly. The power of Freedom From the Known is in its ability to effectively activate and clear these overlays and replace/recode them with new higher frequency codes that expand your light body and align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies so that your life is no longer ruled by those confining mechanisms.

What’s exceptionally unique about the Freedom From the Known process is that we don’t just activate and allow all those old beliefs to come to the surface. Instead, this is a gradual process of refining your energy field through a form of meditative journeying. This is achieved through a series of weekly classes that remove these overlays layer by layer (similar to a Russian nesting doll, if you will), which once cleared, then allow the space for us to bring in new codes to replace those old overlays with higher frequency energies.

These potent meditations were transmitted to me during my first pilgrimage to Kenya, which you can learn about here. From the perspective of many of my clients, these meditations are engaging journeys that enable you to have an interactive experience with the healings that take place, but more specifically, these are direct transmissions that work with your nervous system to effectively clear these limiting overlays from your bodies, with or without your physical help. In other words, there is no user error possible, and you cannot do it wrong. Instead, the words used and the ways you engage with them serve more as “mind candy” to paint enough of a picture that your mind and brain can be put at ease so as to allow these transmissions to carry out their deep work unhindered.

Once the old overlays are activated and cleared, we establish new codes within your nervous system that begin to integrate immediately. As I said before, these higher frequency energies expand your light body, while also bringing in new light bodies, and work to align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. That alignment point becomes finer and finer and finer as the weeks go on, which increasingly allows for greater and higher frequencies to become rooted and integrated in you, as you. It also allows for more of your sensory apparatus to expand and more of your innate gifts to emerge.

Here’s just some of what recent participants have said about this experience:

“I inhabit my body in a different way…it’s very peaceful…and I navigate my life quite differently [since taking this course]. I don’t think so much, I’m more present, and I’m very peacefully in myself.”

“There’s this sense of trust and knowing in the Higher Consciousness and Greater Good. There’s so much less anxiety and worry. It feels really, really good.”

“Doing this course with David has been absolutely life-changing in so many ways. It opened me up to energies that I knew existed but had never personally experienced. I can literally feel the expansion of my energy body. Once integrated, these new frequencies have helped me to create greater peace, more present moment awareness, and have assisted me in overcoming a lifetime of anxiety. I highly recommend gifting yourself with this course. No doubt each person’s experience will be slightly different. But I know it’ll give you exactly what you need to continue to evolve.” 

“I recently completed David Maria’s Freedom From the Known program. It is very powerful, and I’m still in a deep transformation process. It empowered my connection to my innermost Being, to Source. I can be in the position of the observer more easily. I still feel strong energy running through my whole system, in waves banging into all dense structures that are left in my physical, emotional, and mental body bringing me to the roots of wounds that separate me from unity consciousness. More and more, I feel the LIGHT and LOVE that I am, which is waiting for me on the other side of any wound. I just have to let go after feeling them and experiencing them from all perspectives. And for me, it is so beautiful to be here. To reveal myself is not so easy, but with David Maria, I feel welcome with all light and darkness that is within me. I feel that here I can take the next step. It feels like one can open up to unconditional love. Thank you so much, David. I am deeply moved.”

I’d love for you to experience this, as well. I’ll be sharing more about this course in the coming days so that you can get a true feel for just how life-changing this course can be and how it will serve you greatly in 2022 and beyond. You can also learn more on the official course page, and

If you have any questions at all, please email me at

Currently, I AM in Kenya, deepening the embodiment of these transmissions in preparation for this next evolution of this most important work. I’ll be checking email regularly and will be back in the States in time for us to begin this incredible journey together on January 22nd.