There is Nothing to Do

In the middle of all of these incredible energies we’re all experiencing, this year’s eclipses, solstice window opening, and the uptick of the energies come to us from the depths of our universe and beyond, whew, it’s a lot I know; if you’re experiencing Doingness, just wanting, needing, impelled to be busy doing something, anything, it’s okay to relax and do nothing.

Just sit, be still, center into the still point deep in your heart. We need do nothing unless it is from inspired action.

There is nothing we can do to speed the process of our awakening, it happens in its own time, and we just get out of the way and allow it to happen when the moment is right.

So take more time off, rest, relax, be at ease, no worries about the insanity of the world right now, it is awakening in its own way. The best assistance we can give to a crazy world is to be in our center and hold our love and light and let it shine, shine, shine.

Blessings to everyone, for truly we are all One.



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