Earth Spinal Column

Is It Amplified Enough for You?

Oh the energies pouring in now are simply wonderful, aren’t they? Well unless they are sometimes flattening you, which has happened to me a couple of times this last week. 🙂 I’ve actually had to go lay down and close my eyes, which hasn’t happened to me now in several years.

It’s not that they are necessarily intense, as that would just be a projection of ourselves, yet they are very amplified, and aligning with them while still being grounded in our bodies so that we can anchor them in the earth, well sometimes it might be experienced as challenging.

I could talk about frequencies and higher dimensions, yet in essence, these energies are bathing us in Love, pure Love and it is aligning every cell in our bodies to that Love.

We are aligning to higher dimensional frequencies while grounding and anchoring them into our bodies and Gaia. And as everyone knows, sometimes we react instead of responding, and any resistance in us to the flow makes it more difficult to simply be in the New.

Hold to your center, your still point, that perfect place of balance that is neither attracted or repulsed by anything, because there, you are no longer in the duality of liking of disliking, merely your preference of what you wish to experience.

Holding to your center still point allows the energies to flow into you with no resistance, translation: ease and grace, and this allows the deeper aligning of your body with New Earth and anchoring your consciousness, I.E. Love, into the earth.

Blessings on your journey my friends.


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