Freedom From the Known - A Journey of Transformation

It’s Your Time to THRIVE

Are you ready to live the truly free and abundant life you’ve always dreamed of, right now, regardless of your current circumstances? Freedom from the Known is the doorway to your thriving.

It’s true – it’s all patiently waiting for you…waiting for you to give the clear green light and allow it to freely flow into your life, which is what will happen when you clear out the embodied fear, lack, and pain from your past that is currently blocking its path.

It’s your turn to thrive! It’s time to claim your birthright and free yourself from everything that binds you and holds you in limitation, and the Eden Template’s Freedom from the Known is here to help, offering an elegant and thorough means for clearing those barriers. It enables you to reach deep into the fractured and distorted places where the roots of fear, pain, and lack hide, then expertly guides you in cleaning those out and anchoring new abundance codes in their place. In 7 weeks, this life-altering experience will help you heal and shed those blocks completely so that you can finally transform your life from one of suffering and surviving to that of joyously thriving no matter what’s going on in the outside world. 

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“Doing this course with David has been absolutely life-changing in so many ways. It opened me up to energies that I knew existed but had never personally experienced. I can literally feel the expansion of my energy body. Once integrated, these new frequencies have helped me to create greater peace, more present moment awareness, and have assisted me in overcoming a lifetime of anxiety. I highly recommend gifting yourself with this course. No doubt each person’s experience will be slightly different. But I know it’ll give you exactly what you need to continue to evolve.” 
~ Christine H.

“David Maria has taken my soul on many multidimensional journeys, during the Eden Template’s Freedom From the Known course of Transformation. In the most recent journey, I was energetically taken to merge with God’s Love. I felt held in infinite love, peace, and joy as I gently was guided to embody these life-changing frequencies. My connection to Source will be forever enhanced. Thank you, David!”  
~ Wanda C.

“The Freedom From the Known journey has been a very touching and enlightening experience for me. It’s given me practices and tools to release painful memories (my pain body), fears, including my own and collective fears and scarcity beliefs. These practices have allowed me to ground my being while touching the higher aspects of myself in a clear natural way. I appreciate David Maria’s generosity of time and energy to make sure that all the participants can be the best versions of ourselves, by releasing past-life traumas and clearing our energy channels, so that ultimately we can own our lives and choices and know the Light of Love and the Face of God!”  
~ Lesa M.

“I recently completed David Maria’s  Freedom From the known 7 weeks program. It is very powerful, and I’m still in a deep transformation process. It empowered my connection to my innermost Being, to Source. I can be in the position of the observer more easily. I still feel strong energy running through my whole system, in waves banging into all dense structures that are left in my physical, emotional, and mental body bringing me to the roots of wounds that separate me from unity consciousness. More and more, I feel the LIGHT and LOVE that I am, which is waiting for me on the other side of any wound. I just have to let go after feeling them and experiencing them from all perspectives. And for me, it is so beautiful to be here. To reveal myself to others is not so easy, but with David Maria, I feel welcome with all light and darkness that is within me. I feel that here I can take the next step. It feels like one can open up to unconditional love. Thank you so much, David. I am deeply moved.”
~ Elisabeth L.

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