Abundance and Silliness

Abundance and Personal Silliness

We all know that we are not just abundant, we are Abundance itself. The universe that we live in as us is so vast beyond our comprehension, and it is incredibly abundant.

We all know that the energy is ours and it is here to serve us, and the flow of that energy is simply incredible as it moves through us, bringing us everything we need in each moment.

And yet, sometimes we get can get “stuck” in our own silliness and get in the way of that marvelous flow.

For example, and of this is kind of embarrassing, a few years ago the hydraulic struts that hold up the trunk in my car wore out and when I spoke to the repair shop I was seeing at the time they said that to remove the old ones required a special tool and it would cost almost $500 to replace them or go to the dealer, which potentially would be even more money.

So I, in my infinite wisdom, chose to spend that money on other things I considered more important, and just continued on propping the trunk up with something for years and of course, you can guess, it did fall on me a few times, it is a very heavy trunk lid, yet it was not enough of an inconvenience to get me to open my wallet.

So recently, I was guided to do some research and so I ordered some new shocks online and in less than 5 minutes replaced both shocks for less than $40. And the specialty tool that was required to remove the old ones: a simple screwdriver.

When I had installed them and then closed and opened the trunk and discovered that it almost opened itself and that it opened very wide, making it so each to put things in it and also to remove them with no danger of it falling on me, well I just sat there and laughed and laughed at myself.

Sheesh, life is so simple when we just go with what is flowing through us and not attempt to interpret it or change what is being asked of us.

When we finally come to truly know in our bodies how truly loved we are and that we are abundant, oh how much simpler life is.

Blessings, Abundandant Blessings to all of us.


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