Stillness in the Midst of Chaos

In the same way that when planets go direct or retrograde before there is a change in their motion, there is a stillness where all movement ceases and only stillness is present, no matter what is happening outwardly, or even inwardly for that matter. No matter the inner or outer chaos, stillness is omnipresent.

I have moved into such a point of stillness, where my previous “spin” has come to a standstill. And this includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, it is omnipresent in all of me. All is at a standstill, in silent stillness. There is no attempting to begin anything, no pushing to do anything, just a deep stillness with no movement and no desire for movement, just Beingness.

What, if anything, comes next is anyone’s guess. Yet it feels like many of us are in this same space. We are just in Presence and it will move upon us if and when it wishes, and it feels like what is gestating in us is really big, huge beyond our ability to imagine or comprehend.

If you’re feeling this also, just allow its Presence to be within you and we will see what comes through it.


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