Grounding Deep Into the Earth

Deeper Grounding

We are experiencing such magnified shifts now with very large influxes of energies from not only all the dimensions of this universe, we are receiving them from the vastness of the multiverse. Sometimes they arrive for us as downloads that are so strong that we are buffeted around, like being in an extremely strong wind, like a hurricane, and sometimes the waves are so strong they can potentially take us out of the body, as in we could transition back into non-physical, and the body would die.

I was recently shown a deeper way of grounding in order to help stabilize us at a deeper level and assist with our embodiment. That is to connect to and ground with the earth by going down through our Earth Star below the root, and actually, go into the earth and feel the pull to a stone, rock, boulder, or mountain, however you feel it. The denser the better. Once you’ve found it, then go inside of it, and allow yourself to become one with it, to become stone. You might “want” to ground to a crystal, yet they are of such a high frequency, that a stone is recommended. Think granite, lead, etc.

This is not a permanent thing, it is a temporary tool to assist us in coming fully into and staying in the body, no matter how amplified the waves of energy pouring through us might be. As a tree with a very deep taproot, it helps us stabilize in intense energies, and keeps us in our bodies, no matter the circumstances flowing around us.

Eventually, (such a strange word to use when we live in the Now moment) we will fully center in our bodies, and just like the universe which is sometimes defined as having no borders and whose center is everywhere, we will be our own centers, and no longer need to ground to the earth in the same way. So this is just a transitional tool to assist us.

I have shared this with many of the people that I work with, and it has really helped me maintain my balance and instead of being tossed about like a rag doll, it is much easier to hold to a strong center.

If you need it, I hope this helps and would love to hear from you if it is useful.


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