Eye of the Storm

Hold to Your Center

With all of the amplified energies we’re all going through, high-speed solar winds, spiking Schumann Resonance, Saturn-Uranus square, deep space multi-dimensional energies coming at us from all directions, new electro-magnetic energies flaring causing tremendous changes in our fields, it can sometimes feel really uncomfortable.

Especially since all of life is going through this transfiguration. All of the mineral and crystal kingdoms, plants kingdoms, animal kingdoms, the elementals, all of life is in process of being transformed, and what a ride it is. We are in an unprecedented moment of change and it is asking us to completely surrender everything.

Many are choosing to hold fast to their beliefs and patterns and are in resistance to the change, and sometimes it shows up as chaos in the outer world, somewhat like a hurricane of energies roaring through the entirety of how our world is structured, all the political, socio-economic, systems of the old world are collapsing, or beginning to collapse, and the new is emerging from within that collapse. It may not look like it outwardly, yet it is.

Hold to your center, to your truth, and don’t let yourself be buffeted by the energy swings of the collective, which still is focusing outwardly, hoping that this or that person of thing will finally be the one to save them.

Go inward and discover the truth of who you are.

Those who look outward dream.
Those who look inward awaken and remember.



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