Grace in Action

Many of you reading these posts may know that a year ago I found out that I was sexually abused by a relative as a young child. At the time of this knowing a great friend who had also been through this themselves suggested that I might have to go into therapy for a decade or more in order to fully clear the cellular memories in the body.

As I meditated on this I knew this was not only not possible, it was also not necessary and wasn’t going to happen as in that moment Grace came into me and completely removed all of those cellular memories in a single moment of bliss.

It was simply an incredible blessing and I wish it for everyone.

As it turns out it was not that simple as the Grace went deeper than I thought for I have also found out that there was a part of those memories that were not removed. It is so common that “victims” blame themselves for the abuse and I was no different.

And it was again Grace that it was not cleared, for the deeper part of this was learning how to unconditionally Love myself and return fully to the Love that I AM, which of course is the Love that all of us are and always have been.

Blessings my friends.

Sharing is always appreciated.