Listening to Guidance

On the Importance of Listening to Guidance.

Sometimes guidance comes to us in very very quiet and small ways. Now that it’s fall there are always more spiders move into the house and I find them stuck in the shower frequently.

This morning as I showered I heard inside myself “You know when you have become kind when you check the shower for spiders first to be able to remove them”. As I turned around there was a spider sitting on the bottom of the tub getting wet, and hopefully it just like being outside in a rain storm, yet it was pretty drenched.

So I stopped showering and lifted it out.

It might seem insignificant, after all it’s just a spider, yet life is life no matter how large or small and it made all the difference in the world to that particular spider.

You never know where you will have an opportunity to make a difference in another’s life through even the smallest act of kindness and listening to the quiet voice that is both not you and YOU.

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