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From Darkness to Light – A Journey of Remembrance

The Eden Template

With a little background on the journey of my Soul in this incarnation and the destiny points, especially in Kenya in 2018, two of the last transmissions that came through was that I would be called to go to the Hopi reservation at some point and the download of The Eden Template, which I was shown that I would begin to share with and teach others.

When The Eden Template transmission arrived it came in as a complete packet which just needed to be unpacked and integrated. I laugh when I say that because it took over 9 months for the integration to complete, including returning home to Oregon and sitting and staring out the window for months, which was the most productive work that I’ve done to date.

Theresa Luttenegger urged me (I’m being nice using the word urged here the wording was just a bit more descriptive) to use the integration time to continue to work on myself and clearing any old shit still running in me before beginning to go public with the transmission, and although I’m not complete with the composting process, I am eternally grateful for her guidance and butt kicking to clean up my act.

Once the template fully integrated in me then it became a process of discovering how the transmission flows through me, what does it-can it accomplish, how is it transmitted, what happens to a person when they receive the transmission, what is anothers integration process like, how long does it take, what changes begin to happen, how is one different after receiving the activation-transmission?

I was told it was time to go public and so I began building a new web site and became quite stuck in writing about myself (frozen actually), what is it that I do, what comes through me and how the template activates in another. Again through wonderful advice from Wanda Vitale who basically said just do it. Start doing it, offer sessions and you’ll receive the answers to all of the above.

So that’s what I did. I began to offer one-on-one sessions to closed FB groups and learned so much about the energy of the transmission and what comes through me and how it can assist another in clearing the most horrific traumas from this and other incarnational time lines so I went wider and offered the sessions on a donation basis, again looking for a deeper understanding of how the transmission works because no matter if it’s a one-on-one session or a group activation, it’s always the Even Template, because that is what I have become..

Then I began offering The Eden Template transmission and activation online in group calls and discovered an entirely new facet to the Diamond that is the transmission holding the energy container for multiple people in a pristine way.

Receiving the Eden Template transmission / activation is a
re-connection to the original pristine template / blueprint of your Soul at the moment of it’s creation. It is a direct connection to Source, Creator, God, or whatever word you wish to use. It opens up a direct energetic connection to Source which begins flowing through you and integrates in you as You. Not your small self, your High Self.

The integration process will begin to bring up anything inside of you that is unlike Love for you to begin to feel and clear, any beliefs that you have, which are exactly that, just a belief, will also surface to be examined and cleared, bringing you to a direct experience of yourself.

It bridges the gap between your brain thinking and believing that you are your body and opens the channel to Yourself as a Quantum Being, existing in multiple dimensions and universes simultaneously. In other words, it opens you to the experience of yourself as the magnificent being that you have always been and momentarily forgot when you came into incarnation.

This is not thinking or intellectual understanding, it is Knowing the Truth of who you are as a direct experience.

As you continue the integration process, the transmission begins to grow within you as an ever expanding connection to this NOW Eternal Moment.

Additionally you begin to embody the energy of Eden in you as you, a return to your original innocence living here consciously in your body, (which is merely a holographic projection of your consciousness).

Please know I’m not saying this will be an instantaneous awakening, it is an activation and maintaining oneself in a state of quantum awareness requires stepping out of one’s old stories and beliefs and living in this moment. It is through congruence in your heart that this begins to live in you as YOU!

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