Unbounded Love

Unbounded Love

“I experience the vast ocean of love, deep within my being.
I have found the place where the Ocean of Love enters Life and I stand on its shore.
It is as if I stand at the very edge of the created universe, at the threshold, where life is called into being. I see how this ocean of love just flows into the whole of its creation, never diminishing. If we could be but empty it would flow through us and out into our lives but we get in the way, through our desires. Instead of being conduits, we seek to channel this ocean into the places we choose: this relationship, my job, that project. I see how the love still manages to seep through despite all the obstacles that we erect to impede it, but in our meddling our experience of love and life is somehow diminished. And I see how this is the reason why we are never truly satisfied with our lot. We sense that something is always missing or lost but rarely do we come to see that it is only ourselves and our attitudes that are to blame for standing in the way of love.

It is within the heart that I discover the shores of this ocean and I seem to stand at a midpoint, as a fulcrum, for there is as much space without in the created universe as there is within the human heart. I know that to dive into this ocean, “where all the swimming ends in drowning” is to surrender to the power of love.”
Jackie Crovetto

We have crossed the “event horizon” of Love. No longer do we stand on the shore, longing to be more. Now we dive into the depths, where all swimming ends in drowning, as we surrender to the Creator.

May everyone know the depth of this and feel it deep in their hearts and surrender everything in order to finally drown in Love.



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