Event Horizon

We’ve Crossed the Event Horizon

Can You Feel It? It’s true, we have crossed the point of no return, absolutely no return. You might not be very far in the process, you might have just a single that has crossed the event horizon, or all of you may have dove in. Even if you’ve just put the tip of one finger over, it immediately was stretched across trillions of light-years and it inexorably pulling the rest of you in.

There is no turning back now.

Who will you know yourself to Be when you emerge? Can you allow ease and grace to help you let go and surrender and allow yourself to just Be, or will you attempt to resurrect your old way of knowing yourself and attempt to hold on to old whispers of yourself that no longer serve you?

It is actually a choice-less choice, for as you align deeper and deeper with Source, there is no more choice, just letting go and surrender and allowing.

Blessings on your new journey of ever-expanding into the magnificence that you are.


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Even Horizon