What is Death

Death – Is There a Difference Between Life & Death

Is there a difference between Life and Death?

Nope, not a bit. What we call “life” is our experience of living in a body, yet we are vast beyond comprehension, and life in the body is such a small part of who we are.

For in truth, we are never born, nor will we ever die, for who we are is beyond life and death.

I have died 10 times and each time chose to return to the body, although it would have been easy to return to Source.

What I now know (not understand with the mind) is that when you die and return, you are changed. If you die and drop your physical body, all of your conditioning disappears and you return to a pure, or purer state of consciousness as Source. The same happens when you have a near-death experience, on a smaller scale. When you return, no matter what you “experience”, your neural net changes, your conditioning loosens and drops away, and depending on who you were before the experience, your beliefs, enculturation, religion, etc. your conditioned neurology changes, it dissolves, leaving space for Source Creator to be more present in your consciousness.

When you truly know that death walks beside us all the time, then you know that you could return to Source Creator at any moment. Knowing this, we learn how to die in each and every moment, so that we live completely in this Now moment, and then die to it, to be eternally in this moment. To live fully in each moment, no matter what it is, and not in the past or future, is such a blessing, and the more we are able to focus our consciousness in the present, the more Presence we embody.



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