Equinox Global Reset

Equinox Global Reset Eden Template Love Offering

We are in the vortex of a global reset in consciousness now and will continue to be in this amazingly amplified vortex for at least a month. You may be experiencing all kinds of “interesting” eruptions, whether physical or emotional.

Just like a hurricane has a still point at the center, no matter how amplified and “destructive” the storm might be, hold to your Zero Point center. In the stillness let the incoming reset scour any energy in your fields that no longer serves you, it is as simple as just letting them go.

What is upon us now is bigger than our ability to imagine. It is a total cleaning washing of our energy fields of the “old” and aligning with the “new”. It is nothing less than a total transformation of ourselves, if we’re ready to let go of all of our old beliefs and conditioning and embrace the new as it reprograms us.

In addition to the energies of the reset being amplified by the equinox, we also have almost continual solar wind streams, Schumann resonance spikes, and these incredible multi-dimensional energies from space flooding over us, and everywhere time lines are collapsing, releasing all the distortions we are carrying.

We are in the middle of an unprecedented opportunity, that has never happened before, individually and collectively, to make this huge leap in consciousness, and the universe is watching, waiting, and cheering for us.

To celebrate the Equinox and the Reset, I AM offering The Eden Template Phase I Equinox activation on Saturday, March 20, at 9:00 am Pacific via a live Zoom call.

Everyone who wishes will attend through a donation. The normal energy exchange is $55.00 and now I AM offering multiple discount codes, allowing everyone to make the energy exchange that resonates with them, including attending for free as a love offering. It’s totally your choice how much you wish to offer.

10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%

The activation is an awakening-alignment, a re-connection to your original Soul Template – Blueprint, which over multiple lifetimes gets shut down because in our journey into separation we forgot that we are the eternal Divine. It opens your direct connection to Source and begins the process of aligning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

The Eden Template is a crystalline seed, that when received and activated, begins to grow. And like all seeds, once planted requires nourishment. A seed in the ground needs light, warmth, nourishment, weeding, etc. in order to grow, and it is the same with the Eden Template. Once you receive it, it requires nourishment in the form of self-love, being in nature, staying Present in the Now Moment.

Aligning to the awareness that you are Creation itself and that you live in a multi-dimensional quantum field of incredible Joy. When your soul template is fully awakened and integrated within you, creation lives in you as you and your life will transform in ways unimaginable to your old self.

Registration is available at www.theedentemplate.com/events.html

It is truly a blessing to be of service to you.

My life is a statement of Love and Compassion, and where it’s not, that is where my work is.
– Ram Dass

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Art by Skandar. Thank you.