The Hopi Reservation

My last day at the Hopi reservation and I was feeling excited to go visit the petroglyph canyon and also wondering if what I was shown in a vision in Kenya would happen. And of course it’s always different than we think it will be.

I was shown that a Hopi elder would come to meet me and receive the gifts of Mount Kenya soil and water I brought for them. And yet in all these days here no one showed up so I spent my time on the land just merging with the energies here and loving it.

So today it turns out that my “tour guide” to take me into the glyph canyons was a woman and I had totally forgotten that the Hopi are a matriarchal society and the tour guide is the one I was sent to meet. I was also told to be here before October 10th and it turns out this is the time of year that the women do ceremonies and later on this month it shifts back to the men again.

When I showed her the soil she kind of squealed and exclaimed Oh My God, I know this soil and spoke of it with such love and the same with the water. Instead of going to the canyons with the petroglyphs she took me to Prophesy Rock instead and told me the entire Hopi creation story from their time in Third World and their emergence into the Forth. Not the Frank Waters story, their version in great depth and detail.

I shared everything with her, including the dreams that brought me, Theresa and Beth to Kenya and the dreams that brought me here.

I was seen and heard and saw and heard and everything was shared and I gave and received many precious gifts.

My heart is so full and I’m in such a deep peace.

I AM so very grateful for all of this journey, even my doubts, as everything was a teacher. I was nervous about meeting the people here, which I didn’t understand, and now seeing everything I felt into the many lives I was a Hopi being tracked down by soldiers and times I was a soldier tracking down Hopi. So much deep pain and suffering arose to clear and as it did I was met in an entirely new way with more joy.

This is a full circle event for me as I was here in 1988 and it is the completion of a circle that was begun yet not completed until today.

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