Shadow Work, Triggers and Grace

Shadow Work, Triggers & Grace

When we first begin to remember who we are and walk the path, we discover that there is darkness inside of us. In our incarnational journeys, we have all been preyed upon and been the preditor, in small to large ways, and part of our work is to clear the cellular debris or residue of this from our cells and energy fields.

This is not easy work and it takes strength to look at ourselves, sometimes great strength. Yet as we look deeper and clear those energetic memories (for that is all they are is a whisper of a memory) we find it easier and easier to both look and go deeper, knowing that on the other side of the clearing is a new energy that comes to fill the void left behind the clearing that is incredibly beautiful.

Sometimes in our journey, we will be triggered by other and others will trigger us. It can be anything that does this, anything. And if we have the courage to look deep within ourselves, we don’t externalize in another and instead, see it as a mirror reflecting back to us, in order to see, and more importantly feel, what it is and have an opportunity to clear it.

Plain and simple, this is Grace.


Grace comes to us all, and it is comes quietly in stillness, unbidden, unasked for, it shows up when it does. It is ineffable, beyond words to be able to describe, yet it is very real and the Grace of it washes over us like an immense gentle wave, cleansing, and clearing until all that remains is our essence. This is nothing short of a miracle to our human self, as we discover that no matter what is inside of us, it is already forgiven, it was always forgiven, it’s just our memory of it and our clinging to shame that held it in place energetically and, once we clear the cellular residue of it, it is done.

Call it what you will, Shekhinah, the Holy Spirit, or any word or phrase that pleases you, it matters not how you express it for words are totally inadequate to express it.

It is a blessing, and I wish it for everyone, and it will come in its own time, and you will be forever changed, your old life will no longer call you like a whisper in the night like it used to, you will shine brighter than you can possibly imagine, and become a living blessing to others.

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